Becoming a Member

Benefits of CSGS Membership

  • Membership in an established organization with over 200 institutions that can advocate on your behalf to regional and national stakeholders in all matters pertaining to graduate education.
  • Assistance in starting graduate programs.
  • Access to the latest information on graduate education in the region and beyond.
  • Access to specialized resources including updates on topics such as accreditation.
  • Access to updates on important trends in graduate education at the national level, especially through affiliation with the Council of Graduate Schools.
  • Access to best practices in graduate education and the promotion of excellence.
  • Opportunity for graduate students to participate in the 3MT competitions at the annual conference.
  • Opportunity to network with peers and exchange ideas and information on graduate policy and best practices at annual conference.
  • Opportunity to make professional connections with fellow members as well as service providers and exhibitors.
  • Opportunity to volunteer as presenters, moderators, or panelists at annual conference.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the organization and its advocacy role through service on committees and in leadership positions.
  • Opportunity to influence the organization through electing board members.