Annual Meeting

CSGS Annual Meeting 2020


Meeting Dates and Location

March 5-7, 2020
Birmingham, Alabama

Poster Submission:

Poster Submission:  Please consider submitting a proposal/abstract for a poster to be given at the conference.

Proposal Submission:

  • The call for paper submissions has been closed. Thank you to all who have submitted a proposal.


Program-related Items:

Business Meeting:

  • Call for CSGS Executive Committee Nominations:  The nominating committee of the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools is seeking nominations to fill four 3-year terms on the Executive Committee. You can self-nominate or be nominated by one of your colleagues. Committee information can be found in Article VI of the Constitution.  Nominees will be asked to affirm their desire to serve on the Executive Committee and provide a short bio (200-250 words) of qualifications. Qualifications should include information about your role(s) in Graduate Education. Nominations should be sent to Please provide your nomination information by close of business, September, 20, 2019.


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