Innovative Application of Digital Technology to Scholarship in a Master’s Thesis

 Graduate Deans or their designee(s) at CSGS member institutions may nominate one person whose thesis has been accepted in partial fulfillment of master's degree requirements during the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2012 through Summer 2014) and have filed an electronic thesis. 

$1,000 plus travel expenses for the awardees to attend the 2015 CSGS meeting in New Orleans, LA where the award will be presented.


The Graduate Dean or designee shall provide the following materials as part of the nomination dossier to be received no later than November 16, 2015:                                                                                            

  • A web link to an electronic thesis;
  • Letters of endorsement from the major professor and either the Director of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Dean, or the Dean's designee;
  • Certification by the Graduate Dean or designee that the thesis was approved in partial fulfillment of requirements for the master's degree within the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2013 through Summer 2015);
  • An abstract of the thesis (1-2 pages, double-spaced), prepared by the nominee; and,
  • A brief resume or CV of the nominee (1-2 pages).


An electronic file (e-mail or CD) of the nomination materials should be submitted to the Committee Chair no later than November 16, 2015:

Sonja Montas-Hunter, Associate Dean
University Graduate School
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street PC 230
Miami, FL 33199
Phone:  305-348-4237

Evaluation Process

Each thesis will be reviewed by faculty members in the field from CSGS member institutions and will be evaluated on the basis of the use of technology in the presentation of the ETD, scholarship, research methodology, and contributions to the field or discipline.


Members of the Thesis Awards Committee
Sonja Montas-Hunter, Chair
John Z. Kiss
Tom Reynolds
Carolyn R. Hodges
Peter Harries
George Crandell
Laura Chesak
Christy Wyandt


Previous Award Winners

Kristen M. Rosenfeld (2006)

Fengqing Zhang (2011)

Jennifer Brooke Landry (2007)

Casey Wichman (2012)

Emily K. Davis (2008)

Gregory Mitchell (2013)

Payal Chakravarty (2009)

Anita Lam (2014)

William Story (2010)

Eric Ross Anderson (2015)