Math, Physical Sciences and Engineering (1 award)
Physics, Chemistry (excluding Biochemistry), Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Metallurgy, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Sciences, and Engineering


Humanities and Fine Arts (1 award)

History, Classics, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Speech, American Studies, Archeology, Art, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Religion, Theater, Language, Literature, and Architecture


Graduate Deans or their designee(s) at CSGS member institutions may nominate one person per category (total of two per institution) whose thesis has been accepted in partial fulfillment of master's degree requirements during the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2012 through Summer 2014)


$1,000 plus travel expenses for the awardees to attend the 2015 CSGS meeting in New Orleans, LA where the award will be presented.


The Graduate Dean or designee shall provide the following materials as part of the nomination dossier to be received no later than November 14, 2014:


An electronic file (e-mail or CD) or web link of the nomination materials should be submitted to the  Committee Chair no later than November 14, 2014:
Thomas Reynolds, Dean
The Graduate School
University of North Carolina Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte NC 28223-0001
Phone:  704 687-7248


Evaluation Process

Each thesis will be reviewed by faculty members in the field from CSGS member
institutions and will be evaluated on the basis of clarity of style and presentation,
scholarship, research methodology, and contributions to the field or discipline.

Members of the Thesis Awards Committee
Tom Reynolds, Chair
Carolyn R. Hodges
Judy Milton
Sonja Montas-Hunter
Dick Diebolt
Holly Hirst
Michael Orok
Linda Jones 

Previous Award Winners

Ted Wesermann (1990)

Lara B. Crowley (2005)

Steven B. Broyles (1990)

William R. Cooper (2006)

Marshall Rand (1992)

Jennifer J. McMahon (2006)

Jeanne A. Peter (1993)

Destiny Birdsong (2007)

Cynthia Enid Romero-Arroyo (1994)

Mark Losego (2007)

Todd G. Wetzel (1995)

Mason R. McWatters (2008

Brenda G. Wristen (1996)

Elizabeth Rahn (2008)

James E. Reaux (1997)

James Savage (2009)

Anna L. Meaux (1998)

George Kablick (2009)

Andrew Glenn Edward Haskell (1999)

Steven McMurray (2010)

Lester Baker Perry (2000)

Jessica Kaczorowski (2010)

Michael Gregory Janech (2000)

Natalie Herring (2011)

Terry O’Brien Pettinger (2001)

Jessica Gillespie  (2011)

Gery Daniel Dorazio (2001)

Justine Schembri (2012)

Amy Hudnall (2002)

Jason Kopp (2012)

Rebecca Elaine Blanton (2002)

Natallie Nations (2013)

Hamsell M. Alvarez (2003)

Sarah Suda (2013)

Linda Miller Cantara (2003)

Manashree Prajapati (2014)

James B. Davis (2004)

David Frank (2014)

Russell Davis Day (2004)


Jonathan W. Roller (2005)