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Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is appointed by the President and is composed of five individuals, representative of the constituent member institutions. The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to be presented at the annual business meeting for the election of officers and Executive Committee members. Current members of the Executive committee (except for the immediate past-president) cannot serve.

andrea golato.png

Andrea Golato, Chair
(term ends 2024)

Dean The Graduate College Texas State University

katy leonard.png

Katy Leonard
(term ends 2024)

Assistant Dean Laney Graduate School Emory University

greg bell.png

Greg Bell
(term ends 2024)

Dean Graduate School UNC Greensboro

jean van delinder.png

Jean Van Delinder
(term ends 2024)

Interim Dean Graduate College Oklahoma State University

jack derochi.png

Jack DeRochi
(term ends 2024)

Graduate School Dean Winthrop University

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