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Faculty Awards Committee

The Faculty Awards Committees shall solicit, receive, and evaluate nominations for the Outstanding Mentor and Outstanding Contributions awards and shall recommend the recipients of the awards to the Executive Committee. At least one member of the Executive Committee shall serve on the Awards Committee. The awards will be distributed at the CONFERENCE. Members serve three staggered terms on the committee. The committee chair and members are chosen by the Executive Committee.


Aimée Surprenant, Chair
(term ends 2024)

Dean Virginia Tech Graduate School


James Nguyen H. Spencer
(term ends 2024)

Vice Provost and Dean Louisiana State University


Mary Anne Templeton
(term ends 2024)

Associate Provost and Dean Graduate School Troy University


Brian Dominy
(term ends 2025)

Associate Dean Graduate School Clemson University

Cherisse Jones-Branch.jpg

Cherisse Jones-Branch
(term ends 2025)

Dean, The Graduate School Arkansas State University


Heather Greenhalgh-Spencer
(term ends 2025)

Associate Dean of the Graduate School Texas Tech University


Rob Sanders
(term ends 2025)

Dean Hamilton Holt School Rollins College

Matthew B. McCullough.jpg

Matthew B. McCullough
(term ends 2025)

Assistant Dean for Academic Services The Graduate College Northcarolina Agricultural and Technical University

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