Master’s Thesis Awards

CSGS 2019 Master’s Thesis Awards

Each year the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools sponsors two Master’s thesis awards and one ETD Master’s Thesis Award.

The fields for competition for 2019 are:

  • Humanities and Fine Arts (1 award)  (includes, for example, History, Classics, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Speech, American Studies, Archeology, Art, Music, Philosophy, Theology, Religion, Theater, Language, Literature, and Architecture).
  • Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Engineering (1 award) (includes, for example, mathematics; statistics; computer sciences; data processing; systems analysis; chemistry; earth sciences; physics; geology; meteorology; astronomy; metallurgy; geophysics; pharmaceutical chemistry; aeronautical, architectural, biomedical, ceramic, chemical, civil, and electrical engineering sciences; environmental health engineering; geological, mechanical, mining, nuclear, and petroleum engineering.  (For purposes of this competition, engineering technologies are not included).


Graduate Deans or their designee(s) at CSGS member institutions may nominate one person per category (total of two per institution) whose thesis has been accepted in partial fulfillment of master’s degree requirements during the past two academic years and/or summer sessions (Fall 2016 through Summer 2018)




To be Announced

Evaluation Process

Each thesis will be reviewed by faculty members in the field from CSGS member institutions and will be evaluated on the basis of clarity of style and presentation, scholarship, research methodology, and contributions to the field or discipline.